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8.What is the procedure for Transfer of Connection and Mutation of Names?

	(a) A connection shall be transferred in the name of another person upon the death of the consumer or in case of transfer of ownership or occupancy of the premises, upon an application of the consumer.  

(b) Application for mutation shall be filed, in the prescribed format (Annex 4.11in supply code), along with prescribed fee by the transferee or the legal heir or successor of the deceased consumer with the local office of the KESCo.
(c) The application shall be accompanied by documentary evidence of transfer or legal heir ship or succession and proof of no arrears on account of electricity charges on that connection.
(d) The KESCo shall decide the mutation case within 21 days. If the mutation application is allowed, intimation shall be sent to the applicant along with information regarding pending dues against the connection and the formalities that are to be completed for transfer to take effect.
(e) However, if the mutation application is to be disallowed and mutation is refused the orders shall be passed only after the applicant has been given an opportunity to present himself, by a speaking order. Provided further, that in case where mutation is not allowed, the transferee seeking the transfer, may agree to continue the connection in the old name, or may have choice to seek permanent disconnection and apply for new connection.
(f) The transferee or the legal heir shall submit a fresh agreement, in the prescribed format, along with pending dues, if any, within 30 days. The transfer shall be affected and a copy of the agreement shall be sent to the consumer within 7 days.
(g) In case of PTW consumers, suo-moto mutation may be under taken after taking the report from the Government revenue department. However the legal heir shall be responsible for clearing the electricity dues, and shall submit an affidavit to this effect.
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