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Specification No. Description Last Date Attachment
37/2014-15 250 KVA 11/0.4 Distribution transformer 28-Aug-2014
38/14-15 400 KVA 11/0.4 and 6.6/0.4 kva Distribution transformer 28-Aug-2014
39/14-15 630 KVA 11/0.4 and 6.6/0.4 Distribution transformer 28-Aug-2014
34/14-15 Supply of Various size 11 KV Cable Boxes 26-Aug-2014
01/EUDD DS/2014-15 Arrangement of Maintenance gang under the area of E.U.D.D. Daheli Sujanpur, Kanpur 25-Aug-2014
33/14-15 Various type of Clamp, Aluminium Lug and LT Bracket 25-Aug-2014
30/14-15 Supply of MS Pipe, MS round, GI Pipe and MS flat Mat 23-Aug-2014
32/14-15 Supply Various type of Line Hardware items 23-Aug-2014
31/14-15 Supply of X arm and wire 23-Aug-2014
73/Const./2014-15 Replacement of Jarjar 33KV 3x240sqmm Pilca Cable by 3x300sqmm XLPE Cable from 220KV Panki Yard Bay of RPH-2 to Ist D/Pole under Nawabganj Division 22-Aug-2014
74/Const./2014-15 Installation of 250KVA T/F and laying of L.T. AB Cable at Gujaini Barra-8 NearRam Leela Ground under W.B. Barra Division 22-Aug-2014
75/Const./2014-15 Laying of 33KV 3x300sqmm XLPE Cable for connecting 33/11KV 10MVA Power T/F No. 1 from 33KV Ganga Pradushan feeder at 33/11KV S/S Chhabilepurwa to Bifurcate the load under Jajmau Division. 22-Aug-2014
25/EUDC -III/2014-15 Arrangement of Generator 7.5 KVA Capacity under the area of E.U.D.C.III KESCo. Kanpu 22-Aug-2014
27/14-15 Supply of 33 KV 3x400sqmm XLPE Cable 22-Aug-2014
T-21/14-15 Various type of VCB pannel & Bus Coupler 22-Aug-2014
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