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2.What are the annexure to the application form?

	Proof of ownership of the premises in the form of registered sale deed or partition deed or succession or heir ship certificate or deed of last will or Proof of occupancy such as valid power of attorney or latest rent paid receipt or valid lease deed or indemnity form (as per Annex 4.2. mentioned in supply code) Order Copy of appropriate court, in case of litigation regarding ownership of the premises, has to be enclosed.
> Approval / permission /NOC of the local authority, if required under any law /statute.
> In case of a partnership firm, partnership deed.
> In case of a Limited Company, Memorandum, articles of Association, Certificate of incorporation and list of Director?s/certified addresses..
> Work completion and Test certificate, on the prescribed format (Annex-4.4 mentioned in supply code), given by the licensed electrical contractor.
> Owner?s consent   for getting new supply (Annex 4 mentioned in supply code)
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