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Specification No. Description Last Date Attachment
68/Const./2014-15 Shifting of pole of existing 33KV line near Guru Har Rai Academy (Parallel of NH-2) due to laying of 100mm dia Sever line at Sanigawan under Daheli Sujanpur Division 09-Aug-2014
69/Const./2014-15 Laying of 11KV XLPE Cable for giving 160KVA new electricity connection at 11KV sanctioned in the name of UP Jal Nigam at Zonal Pumping Station Safipur /Harjinder Nagar (E.W.-5, JNURM Phae-II) under Harisganj Division 09-Aug-2014
65/Const./2014-15 Laying of additional/spare 33KV XLPE cable 3x300sqmm at 33KV G-5 feeder and 33KV Nankari feeder under 220KV transmission crossing near Panki under Kalyanpur Division 08-Aug-2014
66/Const./2014-15 Erection of V.C.B. and Control Relay Pannel at 33/6.6KV S/S Afeemkothi under Aloomandi Division 08-Aug-2014
67/Const./2014-15 Laying of 11KV XLPE Cable 3x300mm from 33/6.6KV S/S Khas Bazar to Lari Park and Telephone exchange under Phoolbagh Division 08-Aug-2014
62/Const./2014-15 Installation of 250 KVA T/F and laying of L.T. A.B. Cable at Yogendra Vihar Phase-II under W.B. Barra Division 07-Aug-2014
63/Const./2014-15 Replacement of 14 No. existing distribution T/F of 6.6/0.4 KV ratio at S/S and feeder No. 54 emanating from 33/6.6KV S/S Jawahar Puram due to upgradation of system voltage under Zareeb Chauki Division 07-Aug-2014
64/Const./2014-15 Construction of 11KV link line, Shifting of existing 11KV spare switchgear to bifercate the load of 11KV Anandpuri feeder and replacement of jarjar L.T. (Panzy conductor) by ACSR Dog Conductor in Anandpuri colony under Kidwai Nagar Division. 07-Aug-2014
17/EUDC-I/14-15 Work of Attending 11/6.6/0.4 KV Break down at Phoolbagh Division 30-Jul-2014
18/EUDC-I/14-15 Repairing of 10 Nos. L.T. Poles & Replacement of 37 Nos. Damage Poles at Electricity House Division. 30-Jul-2014
19/EUDC-I/14-15 Checking of Insulator in Dadamiya Feeder, Dudhwala Feeder & Feeder No. 3 & 77 and treeming of branches at Electricity House 30-Jul-2014
03/EUDD JM/2014-15 Replacement of Distribution T/F Bushing Road under the area of E.U.D.D. Jajmau, Kanpur 30-Jul-2014
16/EUDC-I/14-15 Maintenance of different make 11/6.6 KV V.C.B. at EUDC-I, Electricity House, Kanpur 28-Jul-2014
14/E.U.D.C.-IV/2014-15 Loading & Unloading of Distribution TF under the area of EUDC-IV 26-Jul-2014
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